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Matters related to Psychology viewed from a Christian perspective.

Pornography Issues

Pornography Issues

Many people, most especially men struggle with issues relating to pornography. With the ease of accessibility via the internet and other media forms many guys struggle to resist the temptation to look at pornography....

Empty grave Christ has risen!

Why you are a Saint in Christ

I renounce the lie that I am rejected, unloved, or shameful. In Christ I am accepted. God says: I am God’s child (see John 1:12) I am Christ’s friend (see John 15:15) I have been justified (see Romans...

Three Spheres of Relationships

Three Spheres of Relationships

 The Three Spheres of a Couple’s Relationship Within any relationship between two people there exists three spheres of existence. They are the My Space the Your Space and the Our Space. To assess the...

Adolescent Psychology

Adolescent Psychology

Adolescent Psychology Should Not Be Underestimated Being a teenager can be rough, but altogether too soon we grow up and forget all about the trials and tribulations of this period. Life becomes more serious...

Couples Therapy Online

Couples Counselling

Refocus on your Relationship with Couple Counselling   Being in a relationship can be both difficult and rewarding. While being with the one person you love most in the world, maintaining a sense of self...

Family Therapy Online

Family Therapy

Help Your Family with Family Therapy   Living as a family can be difficult. Personality clashes, different life stages and communication problems can cause a great deal of conflict and friction within the family...